Europa en de wereld : de eeuwige machtsvraag

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This introductory article situates the three contributions to this special issue on 'Europe and the world' within the broader academie discussion on the European Union's (EU) international role. lt expands on the two central questions that run as a red line through this issue: what is the role and power of EU level players in the external policymaking process; what kind of powe r is Europe in the world? The first part focuses on the explanatory power of rational choice theories and more particularly the principal-agent model when trying to understand the power struggle between the European and national level. The second part addresses the question whether the EU constitutes a sui generis type of international actor, as suggested by the Normative Power Europe hypothesis. With the articles in this special issue as a starting point, it points to the promises and pitfalls of the particular approaches to researching Europe's international role and makes suggestions tor future research.

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Orbie, J. & Vanhoonacker, S., (2008) “Europa en de wereld : de eeuwige machtsvraag”, Res Publica 50(2), 85-98.

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Published on
29 Jun 2008
Peer Reviewed