Les groupements européens de partis politiques

  • Paul Claeys
  • Nicole Loeb-Mayer


The prospect of European elections has begun to alter the conditions under which national poli tical parties exercise their functions. It has brought parties to negociate common platforms and to strengthen transnational organizations. How these organizations wilt be structured, what functions they wilt assume, will be determined largely by the issue of a conflict-solving process between existing national structures, by the ability of national parties to accomplish new functions in a European system, and by the demands of that system.
This study presents a tentative framework of analysis for the examination of European groupings of political parties. It may help to interpret current negotiations and future actions of these organizations with reference to the criteria, structures and functions that are classically those of political parties. It suggests how new situations in the European field may be met by existing organizations or give rise to original political answers.

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Claeys, P. & Loeb-Mayer, N., (1977) “Les groupements européens de partis politiques”, Res Publica 19(4), p.559-577. doi:

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Published on
30 Dec 1977
Peer Reviewed