Chattaal, tienertaal en taalverandering: (sub)standaardiseringsprocessen in Vlaanderen

  • Reinhild Vandekerckhove


This paper analyses the realisation of two morpho-syntactic variables, the
variants of which are markers of Belgian Dutch versus Netherlandic Dutch.
The database consists of a corpus of chat language produced by Flemish
teenagers. Both a quantitative analysis of the relative frequency of the variants
in the 'speech' of the Flemish teenagers and a qualitative analysis of their
functional-pragmatic distribution reveal a strong dominance of the endogenous
Brabantic Dutch variants. Data from the Spoken Dutch Corpus from
the spontaneous speech of young Flemish adults confirm this tendency. In
spite of more than half a century of official language policy promoting convergence
with northern Netherlandic Dutch, the northern standard Dutch
variants are hardly integrated in the peergroup language of Flemish teenagers
and young adults, although they do belong to their linguistic repertoire.

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Vandekerckhove, R., (2005) “Chattaal, tienertaal en taalverandering: (sub)standaardiseringsprocessen in Vlaanderen”, Handelingen - Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis 59, 139-158. doi:

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Published on
05 Jan 2005
Peer Reviewed