Special Issue

The American Serialization of Lord Jim

  • Stephen Donovan (Uppsala University)


This essay presents the discovery of the American serialization of Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim in New York’s Evening Telegram in 1903. This ‘lost’ serialization, it argues, invites a new perspective on Conrad’s early career by foregrounding the role of newspaper serialization and syndication in establishing his literary standing. After surveying the principal differences in the respective reading experiences of the periodical versus the book, it concludes by proposing that the prominence of women among Conrad’s first audiences requires us to reassess the basis for his success in North America and elsewhere.



Keywords: Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, serialization, syndication, Evening Telegram (New York), women readers

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Donovan, S., (2017) “The American Serialization of Lord Jim”, Journal of European Periodical Studies 2(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.21825/jeps.v2i2.4811



Published on
30 Dec 2017
Peer Reviewed