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Mother of Three and Widow of the Nation: The Hungarian Mrs Vachott (1828–96) as Protégé-Editor

  • Zsuzsa Török (Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute for Literary Studies, Budapest)


This article focuses on the editorial undertakings of the Hungarian Mária Csapó (1828–96), better known as Mrs Vachott. Using her personal correspondence, memoirs, and the magazines she edited, the article traces the particularities of Mrs Vachott’s career as an author and periodical editor. It does so by examining her performed identities in real life and as editor of various magazines. Furthermore, it intends to demonstrate that Mrs Vachott’s professional endeavours were defined and shaped by a personal loss that eventually became her strongest symbolic capital in building up a literary career. Finally, the article suggests that Mrs Vachott’s case offers valuable insights into the types of editorial roles that women inhabited during the nineteenth century.

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Török, Z., (2021) “Mother of Three and Widow of the Nation: The Hungarian Mrs Vachott (1828–96) as Protégé-Editor”, Journal of European Periodical Studies 6(1), 115–125. doi: https://doi.org/10.21825/jeps.v6i1.15555

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Published on
30 Jun 2021
Peer Reviewed