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Greek Illustrated Journals and the ‘Popular’ (1912‒24): In Quest for a New Research Approach

  • Nicole Immig


This article is a first attempt to analyze a number of Greek popular journals from the first half of the twentieth century in the frame of cultural, media, and historical interrelations and its logical inherences and to investigate them as both autonomous objects of study and a particular form of press, media, and reading product. Starting with an overview of the state of the art, it argues that the journals analyzed, Ελλάς [Hellas] (1907–21), Εικονογραφημένος Παρνασσός [Illustrated Parnassos] (1910–23), Εικονογραφημένη [Illustration] (1904–24), and Μπουκέτο [Bouquet] (1924–46), should be seen as examples of a new media format that introduced a new form of documentation combining the dissemination of encyclopedic knowledge with popular entertainment, innovative forms of representation, and the extensive use of images.

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Immig, N., (2020) “Greek Illustrated Journals and the ‘Popular’ (1912‒24): In Quest for a New Research Approach”, Journal of European Periodical Studies 5(1), 84–98. doi: https://doi.org/10.21825/jeps.v5i1.16527

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Published on
29 Jun 2020
Peer Reviewed