Case Report

Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee in a German shepherd dog

  • M. François
  • D. Van Vynckt
  • J. Saunders
  • B. Van Ryssen


Lameness due to orthopedic problems in hind limbs often occurs in dogs. Hip dysplasia is the main cause of lameness in young adult dogs of large breeds. If the problem is localized in the stifle joint, osteochondritis dissecans should always be considered, besides patellar luxation and early ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament. Diagnostic findings and therapy are illustrated by a clinical case of osteochondritis dissecans in a young German shepherd dog.

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François, M., Van Vynckt, D., Saunders, J. & Van Ryssen, B., (2012) “Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee in a German shepherd dog”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 81(4), 211-215. doi:

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Published on
30 Aug 2012
Peer Reviewed