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The Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift (ISSN 0303-9021) is a scientific journal that is published bimonthly (six issues per year). It presents mainly clinical topics and addresses itself to two very different readerships: the local Dutch speaking veterinarians in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the international veterinary and biomedical research community. Each issue contains scientific papers either in English, or in Dutch with an English abstract. The journal is covered by Current Contents, Web of Science, and other indexing services.

  • Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

    Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Case Report

Whole-body thermal therapy as adjuvant therapy to radiation in a dog with metastasized anal sac adenocarcinoma

S. Janssen, B. Wylleman, K. Kromhout, J. Benoit, S. Marynissen, I. Van de MAele and H. de Rooster

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Continuing Education

The benefits of computed tomography imaging in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning of equine orthopedic patients illustrated by six cases

L M. J. Vandekerckhove, E. V. Raes, M. Dumoulin, A. Martens and K. Vanderperren

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Original Article

Normal liver-to-heart transit time and shunt fraction after transplenic injection of 99MTC-pertechnetate in healthy cats

E. Vandermeulen, K. Peremans, E. Stock, T. Bosmans, M. Hesta and J. Saunders

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Retrospective Study

The value of bone scintigraphy in dogs with undefined hind limb lameness or unlocalized pain

N. De Wilde and K. Peremans

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Veterinary Past

Bloodletting: Background and techniques used in veterinary medicine

L. Devriese, C. Van der Meeren and J. De Smet

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Runderen versus paardachtigen in de vroeg-West-Europese geschiedenis

L. Devriese

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021

Question & Answer

M. Van Aert

2021-12-23 Volume 90 • Issue 6 • 2021