Impact en haalbaarheid in politieke theoriën

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Feasibility considerations are important for political theories. An infeasible theory may contain valuable ideals, but is not suited to reality. Utilizing a precise and complete conceptualization of feasibility is essential to considering the feasibility of theories. An existing definition of feasibility is presented here. lt is argued that this conception of feasibility is incomplete. The impact of parts of a theory as well as the feasibility of the parts of a theory themselves should be considered as well - something that has not been addressed in the literature thus far. A new feasibility framework is developed, in which the impact of parts of a theory, the feasibility of the parts of a theory as well as the feasibility of the preferred outcome of a theory have a place. Thus, the notion of feasibility is conceptualized in a more complete way.

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Koenraads, S., (2016) “Impact en haalbaarheid in politieke theoriën”, Res Publica 58(1), 37-57.

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Published on
30 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed