Structure sociologique de l'électorat écologiste en Wallonie : Une première exploration

  • René Doutrelepont
  • Marc Jacquemain
  • Michel Vandekeere


At first sight, the ecologist voters in Wallonia present some remarkable characteristics : they are much younger, better educated, less religious and less interested in polities than the 'average' voter.
When one constructs three- or four ways cross-tables, the high level of education among ecologist  voters appears mainly as a 'by-product' of their very low average age. On the contrary, general interest for politics and religious attitudes maintain an effect on their own. So the model that fits the data best is the one that retains those three variables.
Those characteristics bring some support to the idea that ecologist vote is mainly a protest vote. On the other side, it may be considered that Ecolo contributes to maintain in the 'electoral field' a  potentialy abstentionist population.

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Doutrelepont, R., Jacquemain, M. & Vandekeere, M., (1993) “Structure sociologique de l'électorat écologiste en Wallonie : Une première exploration”, Res Publica 35(1), 95-108. doi:

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Published on
30 Mar 1993
Peer Reviewed