Integratie van kernen in de gefusioneerde gemeenten

  • Marcel Reynders


The integration factor can mean, on the one hand, absorption of the sub-municipalities into the amalgamated municipality and, on the other hand, greater autonomy for the sub-municipalities. Complete integration in all policy areas is not possible nor desirable. Integration of centres can only be considered primarily in function of better organised service provision and also in function of supporting typical village life. Economic yields and an administration that is close to the people must be increasingly
coupled in an optimal balance. The increase of developmental opportunities of municipalities must take place more and more via preservation and reinforcement of the viability of the villages. Concerns for local interests must be lifted partially toward a functional integration in the broader amalgamated whole. The national and Flemish regional governments must make more funds available to this end so that the effects of such integration wilt not remain limited to an equalisation policy on the level of a few basic infrastructural elements.

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Published on
30 Dec 1982
Peer Reviewed