Het sociaal beleid en het OCMW in de gefusioneerde gemeenten

  • Anne-Marie Lambrecht


The sealing up of the municipalities was intended to make it possible to deal with some existing problems more adequately. This required more dedication, deeper understanding, a readiness to listen, and preliminary research on the part of the managers. In addition, the sealing up could also lead to centralisation of facilities. The resulting hierarchy and bureaucracy could prevent flexible management, however as the citizens do not want to be overlooked. they have reacted to the possible negative aspects of the consolidation. The global impression is that the consolidation has been good for the small municipalities. The large municipalities, certainly those of more than 50,000 inhabitants, did not have to be involved, although they were, and the result has been that the understanding of the problems and the decision-making processes have been more complicated.

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Lambrecht, A., (1982) “Het sociaal beleid en het OCMW in de gefusioneerde gemeenten”, Res Publica 24(3-4), 589-597. doi:

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Published on
30 Dec 1982
Peer Reviewed