De praktijk van de intercommunale samenwerking na de fusie van gemeenten

  • Guido Obbels


The increase in scale of the municipalities has not affected the necessity for intermunicipal cooperation. The activities to be carried out by the intermunicipal organisations and the instruments necessary for them required intermunicipal cooperation both before and after the amalgamation operation. The reasons for the intermunicipal cooperation also remained unchanged after the amalgamation. The amalgamation of the municipalities had no effect on the entrance of municipalities into or their  withdrawal from intermunicipal organisations. Moreover, the number and the content of the activities of these intermunicipal organisations did not change fundamentally. Insofar as a change in the activities did occur, it even involved an extension of them. The involvement of the municipalities in the general and even daily policy of the intermunicipal organisations has increased. The structure of the amalgamated municipality can have changed its relationship to the particular intermunicipal organisations. The reorganisation and expansion of the personnel by the amalgamation operation has improved the administrative processing of the various dossiers between the municipalities and the intercommunal organisations.

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Published on
30 Dec 1982
Peer Reviewed