De sociale verkiezingen van 1991

  • Guy Tegenbos


The four-yearly social elections in Belgium took place for the tenth time in june 1991.
The results show a renewed victory for the christian trade union ACV; all the other unions and lists lost. The socialist union ABW, which was once the most powerful in Belgium, felt the decline most strongly. It could maintain a narrow relative majority in votes in Wallonia but was outnumbered in seats by the ACV.
For many years Wallonia was considered to be a "red bastion".  Another important shift was that the three "general" unions together gained the majority of votes of the executive staff members, at the expense of their "specific" lists : those of organizations and groups representing only members of the executive staffs.
These elections showed a further decline in attendance, in spite of all the propaganda made by the Ministry of Labour, urging the employees to take part in the elections.

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Published on
29 Jun 1992
Peer Reviewed