De verkiezing van de CVP-voorzitters in de jaren '80

  • Luk Vanmaercke


During the eighties, the Flemish christian democratic party (CVP) has elected a new president after every legislative election. These party leaders have to fit in the political and electoral strategy for the next years. In the three cases which are examined here, several candidates were running for the party leadership, but only one was admitted to the election. This indicates that the CVP avoids any form of discord. The chairman bas to be familiar with the party and he is selected in accordance with the equilibrium between the various tendencies and social organizations ("standen") within the party. This selection takes place in a limited, informal group of influential party members, such as the most important ministers, the resigning chairman and the leaders of the "standen". The general party members are not involved in this process ; they can only confirm
the choice of the party elite.

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Vanmaercke, L., (1991) “De verkiezing van de CVP-voorzitters in de jaren '80”, Res Publica 33(2), 229-254. doi:

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Published on
29 Jun 1991
Peer Reviewed