De niet-aanwezige burger midden de jaren zeventig

  • Anne Cleymans


The object of this article is to focus on a survey on political participation in Belgium in the mid seventies. By political participation, the author refers to a set of political  activities - conventional and less conventional, electoral and pre-electoral - which are hierarchical structured on a Guttman scale.
Although the research is more or less unique - in Belgian terms - in this respect, the results are at first glance compatible with earlier findings. Most Belgians are rather passive citizens; 30 % of the survey sample performs none of the activities integrated in the scale.
A closer look learns that male, middle aged citizens with some education and a decent job are most involved in polities, but it reveals also that gender, age, socio-economie class and educational attainment are not the one and only reliable predictors of political  activity.

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Cleymans, A., (1985) “De niet-aanwezige burger midden de jaren zeventig”, Res Publica 27(1), 125-140. doi:

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Published on
30 Mar 1985
Peer Reviewed