Een databank van antieke boeken

  • Willy Clarysse


The Leuven Database of Ancient Books (LDAB) contains metadata on all
Greek and Latin literary works which are partly or fully preserved in manuscripts
dating between 400 BC and AD 800. For each of the 10.500 texts the
user can find where it is now preserved, where it is published, where it was
written and found, when it was written, etc. This information can be presented
in graphs and pies, allowing us to study the reception of ancient literature
in time and place, the change from papyrus to parchment and from roll
to codex, or that from classical to pagan literature. In the next step also literature
in other languages (Egyptian, Coptic, Syriac, Hebrew) is being included
in order to obtain a full view of what remains of the literary production in
a multicultural ancient world.

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Published on
06 Jan 2006
Peer Reviewed