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P037_0235_ Jute fabrics with phase change materials used for decoration

Marilés Bonet-Aracil, B. de Cohen, P. Díaz-García, E. Bou-Belda, J. Gisbert-Payá and I. Montava-Seguí

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P047_0442_ Study of sanitary napkin(s) properties commercially available in India

Manisha Yadav, Deepti Gupta and R.S. Rengasamy

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P036_0134_ Investigation on influence of antimicrobial treatment on structural and physical properties of textile

Jolita Kriščiūnaitė and D. Mikucioniene

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P048_0546_ Controlled drug delivery system of natural/synthetic silica structures to the dermis

V. Rotaru, V.C. Macarel, C.D. Radu, E. Ulea, V. Hulea, A. Ungureanu and Florin Daniel Lipsa

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P039_0432_ Influence of singeing of linen/silk fabrics on pilling resistance

Indre Tautkute-Stankuviene, L. Simanavicius and E. Kumpikaite

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P050_0599_ Influence of textile care processes on the mechanical properties of the woven fabric

Snjezana Brnada, R. Malinar, T. Dekanić and S. Flinčec Grgac

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P043_0729_ Surface modification of polyester using chicken feather keratin hydrolysate to improve water absorbency and dye uptake

Granch Berhe Tseghai, A.B. Nigusse, D.A. Mengistie, K.A. Fante and Lieva Van Langenhove

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P049_0591_ Antibacterial property of chitosan/acrylic laminate pad

Sireerat Charuchinda and K. Srikulkit

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P040_0453_ Effect of the ultraviolet irradiation intensity on the self-cleaning performance and physical properties of cotton fabric surfaces treated with a TiO2 nanosol

Siriwan Kittinaovarat and Titiyaporn Sansakda

2019-09-05 2019 • Autex • 3

P033_0566_ Formation of nanofibres using PVA/CS solutions via electrospinning technique

Jurgita Šateikė and R. Milašius

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3