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Dom Arnoldus Smits (1914-2005)

  • Romain Vanlandschoot


Dom Arnoldus Smits (1914-2005). Historian of the break up of the Low Countries and biographer of Modest Van Assche
Arnold Smits, who had a Dutch Pan-Netherlandic background, became a Flemish nationalist Benedictine monk at the abbey of Saint Peter of Steenbrugge near Bruges. He was also a historian, renowned for his four-part study 1830 and the break up of the Low Countries and for his biography of the Flemish nationalist abbot Dom Modestus Van Assche.
Romain Vanlandschoot describes the chequered life and career of Smits and also takes this opportunity to depict the abbey: it was not only scientifically renowned for editing Corpus Christianorum, the study of the authentic texts by early Christian authors, but it was also a location where during a significant part of the 20th century the different tendencies within Flemish nationalism confronted each other.

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Published on
01 Jan 2006
Peer Reviewed