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Bronchoscopic removal of an aspirated vegetal foreign body in a small Münsterländer

  • Y. Ketelaars
  • K. Rasquin


Foreign bodies are common in pets and may cause vague clinical signs. One of the locations a foreign body can be found is the bronchial region. The foreign body itself, but also secondary inflammation and infection can lead to severe tissue reactions. Bronchoscopy is a useful diagnostic imaging tool, due to its diagnostic ability and therapeutic possibilities to directly remove foreign bodies. In the present case, a small Münsterländer was presented with a one-week existing productive cough. The dog inhaled a wheat spike into the airways, subsequently causing the development of secondary inflammation and infection. Through bronchoscopy, the foreign body was located in the left mainstem bronchus and removed successfully with a special forceps.

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Ketelaars, Y. & Rasquin, K., (2024) “Bronchoscopic removal of an aspirated vegetal foreign body in a small Münsterländer”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 93(1), 30–34. doi:

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Published on
04 Mar 2024
Peer Reviewed