Case Report

Achromotrichia due to hypocupremia in a dog

  • H. De Bosschere
  • A.-S. Platteeuw
  • V. Vander Stichele


A five-year-old, intact, female, brown Labrador retriever was presented for loss of hair color (achromotrichia). Clinical and blood examinations revealed no significant abnormalities, except for a considerably reduced serum copper measurement. This has been described in dogs and cattle as achromotrichiosis due to hypocupremia. Interference of intestinal copper absorption due to an increased lead concentration in the drinking water was assumed to be the cause. The dog’s haircoat became brown again after serving tap water as drinking water and adding a copper supplement.

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De Bosschere, H., Platteeuw, A. & Vander Stichele, V., (2023) “Achromotrichia due to hypocupremia in a dog”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 92(3), 121–123. doi:

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Published on
27 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed