Case Report

Patent ductus arteriosus and pulmonic stenosis in a Labrador retriever

  • S. Vester
  • S. Pil
  • V. Liekens
  • B. Van Goethem
  • A. Binetti
  • J. Saunders
  • P. Smets


A three-month-old, female, entire, Labrador retriever was presented after being referred because of a suspected congenital heart disorder. The dog did not show any symptoms, but on clinical examination, there was a loud continuous heart murmur with a thrill present (grade 5 out of 6), located at the left heart base. Echocardiographic examination revealed the presence of a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and pulmonic stenosis (PS). One and a half month after initial presentation, the PDA was surgically closed. The PS was treated with the ß-blocker atenolol and followed up to evaluate the response to therapy and the potential need for a balloon valvuloplasty. This case demonstrates the necessity of a qualitative and complete echocardiographic evaluation in young dogs with a heart murmur. Even if the cause of the heart murmur can easily be identified, in the present case patent ductus arteriosus, it is important to screen for additional abnormalities, as in this case pulmonic stenosis.

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Vester, S., Pil, S., Liekens, V., Van Goethem, B., Binetti, A., Saunders, J. & Smets, P., (2018) “Patent ductus arteriosus and pulmonic stenosis in a Labrador retriever”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 87(5), 271-276. doi:

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Published on
30 Oct 2018
Peer Reviewed