Case Report

Successful management of a solitary simple renal cyst in a dog

  • R. Van Dyck
  • C. Fina
  • E. Buresova
  • D. Paepe
  • H. De Wilde
  • S. Daminet


In this report, a dog is described that was referred to the Small Animal Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Ghent University) for further work-up and treatment of a solitary renal cyst. The cyst was treated successfully with ultrasound-guided drainage and percutaneous sclerotherapy. The dog was followed-up during twenty-four months post procedure with renal sonography. The complaints of intermittent lethargy disappeared after the first treatment. The ultrasonographic appearance of the cyst evolved from a round, anechoic, sharply demarcated lesion to an ill-defined, hyperechoic lesion.

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Van Dyck, R., Fina, C., Buresova, E., Paepe, D., De Wilde, H. & Daminet, S., (2018) “Successful management of a solitary simple renal cyst in a dog”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 87(3), 134-138. doi:

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Published on
27 Jun 2018
Peer Reviewed