Case Report

Waarschijnlijkheidsdiagnose van spontane hypothyreoïdie bij een volwassen kat

  • H. De Bosschere
  • E. Kindermans
  • E. Buelens
  • N Gantois


In this case report, a probable diagnosis of a rare endocrine condition in a cat is described. A seven-year-old, spayed domestic shorthair presented with lethargy, partial anorexia and postprandial hypersalivation. A decreased activity level and a poor quality haircoat with excessive hair loss had developed over the past six months. A probable diagnosis of acquired hypothyroidism was made after exclusion of non-thyroidal diseases, decreased serum TT4 and serum fT4 levels and a positive response to a therapeutic trial with levothyroxine. Nearly two years after the initial diagnosis, the cat was doing well and was completely free of symptoms.

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De Bosschere, H. & Kindermans, E. & Buelens, E. & Gantois, N., (2017) “Waarschijnlijkheidsdiagnose van spontane hypothyreoïdie bij een volwassen kat”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 86(4), 250-255. doi:

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Published on
28 Aug 2017
Peer Reviewed