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Postpartum uterine diseases in dairy cows: a review with emphasis on subclinical endometritis

  • O. B. Pascottini
  • G. Opsomer


In this review, updated and precise definitions of the most common postpartum uterine diseases in dairy cows are provided. An aberrant uterine environment at inappropriate stages of the reproductive cycle inflicts damage to gametes and zygotes, impairing the reproductive performance of dairy cows. This involves major economic losses for the milk production unit. Consequently, an accurate diagnosis of postpartum uterine diseases is indispensable for practitioners to set up a prompt and efficient treatment. This review furthermore emphasizes on the new perspectives regarding diagnosis and treatment of subclinical endometritis, a highly prevalent uterine disease that is often overlooked by practitioners while causing major reproductive problems. Based on a more profound clinical understanding of the postpartum uterine disease complex, practitioners will be able to better use the available diagnostic tools and therefore apply a more efficient therapeutic approach.

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Pascottini, O. & Opsomer, G., (2016) “Postpartum uterine diseases in dairy cows: a review with emphasis on subclinical endometritis”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 85(6), 378-385. doi:

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Published on
27 Dec 2016
Peer Reviewed