Case Report

Congenital cutaneous fibropapillomatosis in a warmblood foal

  • E. Van de Water
  • R. de Moree
  • H. de Cock
  • T. Picavet
  • A. Martens
  • M. Oosterlinck


In this report, clinical and histological findings of a rare case of a large congenital fibropapilloma on the forehead of a warmblood foal are reported. Surgical excision was curative and no recurrence was observed after nine months. The foal did not present any other abnormalities. Morphologically, the lesion was classified as a fibro-epithelial type of skin hamartoma. The fibrous component has thus far only been reported in pigs. Although fibropapillomas are common in adult animals and are associated with papillomavirus infection, this association has not been demonstrated in foals and piglets. Additionally, there were no histopathological indications of papillomavirus infection in the present study, nor could PCR reveal the presence of papillomavirus DNA.

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Van de Water, E., de Moree, R., de Cock, H., Picavet, T., Martens, A. & Oosterlinck, M., (2016) “Congenital cutaneous fibropapillomatosis in a warmblood foal”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 85(5), 305-308. doi:

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Published on
27 Oct 2016
Peer Reviewed