Case Report

Complications following arachnoid diverticulum marsupialization in a Rottweiler

  • L. Geerinckx
  • E. Royaux
  • I. Gielen
  • S. Bhatti
  • M. Tshamala
  • L. Van Ham


A young male Rottweiler had neurological signs since birth. The dog had hypermetria on his front limbs, ataxia on his hind limbs and proprioception was reduced on the hind limbs as well. Computer tomographic examination post myelography and MRI scans showed a long dorsal subarachnoidal diverticulum from cranial C2 up to cranial C5, causing compression of the spinal cord, thus explaining the neurological signs. A cervical dorsal laminectomy was performed, followed by durotomy and marsupialization. Postoperative complications led to revision surgery and on top of that, the patient needed five more days of mechanical ventilation. From then on, the dog was able to breathe on his own and his neurological condition improved step by step. He made a full recovery and eleven months after surgery, he was still doing well.

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Geerinckx, L. & Royaux, E. & Gielen, I. & Bhatti, S. & Tshamala, M. & Van Ham, L., (2016) “Complications following arachnoid diverticulum marsupialization in a Rottweiler”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 85(3), 157-162. doi:

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Published on
28 Jun 2016
Peer Reviewed