Retrospective Study

Therapeutic options for canine atopic dermatitis: 2010 versus 2015

  • C. Houtsaeger
  • S. Vandenabeele
  • D. Paepe


Canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is the most common skin disease in dogs, yet the therapeutic approach can be challenging. In recent years, more and more insight has been gained into pathogenesis, which has led to a changed approach to CAD and to the development of new therapeutic options. During this study, 28 patients with CAD in 2010 and 34 patients with CAD in 2015 were compared, to assess the effects of recent recommendations and to evaluate the arrival of a new product in 2014, i.e. Apoquel® (Oclacitinib, Zoetis, USA). Oclacitinib was frequently chosen as the main treatment in 2015, but other alternatives to corticosteroids were also preferred. In 2015, more patients showed a better itch reduction and the occurrence of bacterial infections after therapy decreased more than in 2010. However, reducing the frequency of yeast infections remained a challenge.

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Houtsaeger, C., Vandenabeele, S. & Paepe, D., (2020) “Therapeutic options for canine atopic dermatitis: 2010 versus 2015”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 89(4), 191-197. doi:

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Published on
30 Aug 2020
Peer Reviewed