Case Report

Treatment of necrotizing fasciitis using negative pressure wound therapy in a puppy

  • E. Abma
  • A. M. Kitshoff
  • S. Vandenabeele
  • T. Bosmans
  • E. Stock
  • H. de Rooster


A two-month-old German shepherd dog was presented with anorexia, lethargy and left hind limb lameness associated with swelling of the thigh. Clinical findings combined with cytology led to the presumptive diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis (NF). Extensive debridement was performed and silver-foam-based negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) was applied. During the first 48 hours, a negative pressure of -75 mmHg was used. Evaluation of the wound demonstrated no progression of necrosis and a moderate amount of granulation tissue formation. A new dressing was placed and a second 48-hour cycle of NPWT was initiated at -125 mmHg. At removal, a healthy wound bed was observed and surgical closure was performed. The prompt implementation of NPWT following surgical debridement led to accelerated wound healing without progression of necrosis in this case of canine NF. Negative pressure wound therapy could become an integral part of the management strategy of canine NF, improving the prognosis of this life-threatening disease.

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Abma, E., Kitshoff, A., Vandenabeele, S., Bosmans, T., Stock, E. & de Rooster, H., (2015) “Treatment of necrotizing fasciitis using negative pressure wound therapy in a puppy”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 84(3), 147-153. doi:

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Published on
31 May 2015
Peer Reviewed