Case Report

Calvarial hyperostosis syndrome in a young Weimaraner dog

  • N. de Heer
  • J. H. J. Maltha
  • E. van Garderen


Calvarial hyperostosis syndrome (CHS) is a rare, non-neoplastic, proliferative bone disease of the flat bones of the skull. The lesions of CHS are initially painful, but self-limiting with skeletal maturity. Therefore, treatment is aimed at relieving pain. Until recently, CHS has only been described in young Bullmastiffs and the etiology is still unknown. In this report, CHS is described in a six-months-old, male Weimaraner with the typical presentation of an asymmetrical swelling affecting the frontal, parietal and sometimes occipital bones of the skull.

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de Heer, N., Maltha, J. & van Garderen, E., (2015) “Calvarial hyperostosis syndrome in a young Weimaraner dog”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 84(3), 154-157. doi:

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Published on
31 May 2015
Peer Reviewed