Applications of ultrasound in veterinary medicine

  • L. Mosselmans
  • Y. Samoy
  • P. Verleyen
  • P. Herbots
  • B. Van Ryssen


The therapeutic use of ultrasound in human medicine is known to have a positive effect on the healing of tissue and bone. Therefore, ultrasound has been frequently applied in patients with a bone fracture (e.g. Exogen®). In veterinary medicine, several studies have been performed to investigate the effect of ultrasound on bone healing. Although the healing time in several patients was shortened after the application of ultrasound, the technique is currently not routinely applied in cases of delayed or non-union. The literature and the already performed experiments with ultrasound in veterinary medicine are reviewed in this article. The mechanism of action of ultrasound during the various phases of tissue and bone healing are described. Since the interest in physical therapy is increasing, the technique will probably be applied more frequently in companion animals in the near future.

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Mosselmans, L., Samoy, Y., Verleyen, P., Herbots, P. & Van Ryssen, B., (2013) “Applications of ultrasound in veterinary medicine”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 82(3), 103-122. doi:

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Published on
27 Jun 2013
Peer Reviewed