Case Report

Chirurgische excisie van een branchiale cyste bij een hond

  • J. Dhont
  • A. Furcas
  • E. Vandervekens
  • I. Polis
  • H. de Rooster


A 6-year-old spayed Cavalier King Charles was presented with a reoffending subcutaneous swellingin the region of the left jaw. Based on the clinical and ultrasonographic fi ndings, a sialocele of the leftparotid salivary gland was suspected. Surgical excision of the left parotid salivary gland was recommended.During surgical exploration, cystic processes in the left parotid salivary gland as well as a moreventrally localized cyst were observed. The parotid and the adjacent cyst were excised. Based on thehistopathological fi ndings, a branchial cyst was diagnosed. Apart from a temporary mild paralysis of thefacial nerve, the dog recovered well. To date, more than a year later, no recurrence has been observed.

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Dhont, J. & Furcas, A. & Vandervekens, E. & Polis, I. & de Rooster, H., (2013) “Chirurgische excisie van een branchiale cyste bij een hond”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 82(2), 63-68. doi:

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Published on
29 Apr 2013
Peer Reviewed