Case Report

Abdominal ectopia cordis in an aborted calf without chromosomal aberrations

  • N. Caliskan
  • E. Forrez
  • N. Van Roy
  • S. Roels


Ectopia cordis is a rare congenital heart disease characterized by partial or complete displacement of the heart out of the thoracic cavity. Apart from cattle, the condition has also been described in humans and is frequently associated with Cantrell’s pentalogy. It is classified into five types: cervical, cervicothoracic, thoracic, abdominal and thoracoabdominal. The prognosis is poor and ectopia cordis may be linked to the presence of unbalanced chromosome alterations. In this report, a case of abdominal ectopia cordis is described in an aborted calf, in which no unbalanced structural chromosomal variants could be identified.

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Caliskan, N., Forrez, E., Van Roy, N. & Roels, S., (2021) “Abdominal ectopia cordis in an aborted calf without chromosomal aberrations”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 90(4), 178-181. doi:

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Published on
30 Aug 2021
Peer Reviewed