Case Report

Successful treatment of type III atresia ani and rectovaginal fistula in a kitten

  • B. Kibar Kurt
  • G. Turan


A six-weeks-old, female kitten presented with dehydration, depression, atresia ani and a discharge of watery feces from the vulvar opening. On radiographic examination, the blind-end of the rectum was determined to be >1 cm cranial from the anal dimple, classifying it as type III atresia ani. Atresia ani combined with a rectovaginal fistula is an uncommon congenital defect of the terminal rectum and anus that can occur in kittens. After supportive medical treatment for three days, the patient was strong enough for surgical correction. The distal rectal pouch was connected to the unperforated anus and the rectovaginal fistula was closed. The kitten recovered uneventfully and was able to defecate normally at 38 weeks follow-up. In this case report, the importance of early surgical correction to avoid potential life-threatening complications from this congenital abnormality is demonstrated.

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Kibar Kurt, B. & Turan, G., (2021) “Successful treatment of type III atresia ani and rectovaginal fistula in a kitten”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 90(4), 189-193. doi:

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Published on
30 Aug 2021
Peer Reviewed