Moslim-organisaties in België

Authors: Felice Dassetto , Albert Bastenier

  • Moslim-organisaties in België


    Moslim-organisaties in België

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In Belgium there are about 200,000 immigrants who come from a country in which the Muslim religion is dominant (from Morocco and Turkey in particular). This is a completely new phenomenon, as Belgium has never, even in its colonial history, experienced an encounter with Islam. This text presents the results of a study about all the organized forms of Islam in Belgium, Over the last ten years, these have developed considerably. It is important to distinguish between the diverse nature of all these organized forms: from the mosques and prayer rooms, to movements and brotherhoods, to the action of States and interstate organizations. The Belgian State which' has recognized the Muslim religion, giving it the same status as the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish religions, proves to be an important "organizer of Islam", particularly as regards the teaching of this religion. Organized Islam is becoming one of the institutions on which the future of the insertion of immigrants will depend.

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Dassetto, F. & Bastenier, A., (1986) “Moslim-organisaties in België”, Tijdschrift voor Sociologie 7(1-2), 381–393. doi:

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Published on
20 Feb 1986