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P015_0595_ Nanocellulose as a carrier of active dyes

Jana Šašková and J. Wiener

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P033_0566_ Formation of nanofibres using PVA/CS solutions via electrospinning technique

Jurgita Šateikė and R. Milašius

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P026_0425_ Results of the SHAPE project

Benny Malengier, Simona Vasile, Joris Cools, Frank Deruyck, Yetanawork Wubneh Teyeme and Lieva Van Langenhove

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P029_0066_ Silicon nanofibers used as anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Jie Shan and Paul Kiekens

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 2

P020_0254_ Cotton and wool dyeing with Bixin and Norbixin: extracted by atomization and dynamic annatto maceration.

Marilés Bonet-Aracil, Elmer Arturo Carvajal, P. Díaz-García, E. Bou-Belda, Miguel Ángel Meneses, Diego Marcelo Narváez and Vanessa Liseth Fuertes

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P035_0688_ Fashion design as a discipline in onsite and online learning environments.

Graça Guedes and Andreana Buest

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P024_0663_ UV protective fabrics by application of ball milled Neem tree leaves

Asif Javed, Musaddaq Azeem and Jana Saskova

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P011_0231_ Study on the effect of frieze process on physical and crimp properties of BCF polypropylene yarn

Sima Rahimzadeh, Saeed Sheikhzadeh Najar and Seyed Mohammad Etrati

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 4

P034_0248_ Designing clothes from materials with improved signalling and decorative properties

Irina A. Petrosova, E.G. Andreeva, M.A. Guseva and V.S. Belgorodsky

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P002_0133_ Characterization of the surface geometry of seersucker woven fabrics

Małgorzata Matusiak and J. Zieliński

2019-09-03 2019 • Autex • 3