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Jules Spincemaille (1882-1954) en de Vlaamse beweging



Jules Spincemaille (1882-1954) and the Flemish movement
The life and career of lawyer, civil servant and publicist Jules Spincemaille (1882-1954), as told by Bruno Daems, could be described as a human tragedy. Spincemaile was prominently involved in the ‘activism’ during WWI and afterwards in the circle of Flemish (-nationalist) refugees in Holland and also in attempts to unify the Flemish nationalists during the 1930’s. He nevertheless failed to become a leader in the Flemish movement, perhaps because of his recurrent health problems ànd persistent lack of trust in the decisions made around him.


How to Cite: Daems, B. (2006) “Jules Spincemaille (1882-1954) en de Vlaamse beweging”, WT. Tijdschrift over de geschiedenis van de Vlaamse beweging. 65(1). doi: