Case Report

A perianesthetic approach of heat stroke in a dog with laryngeal paralysis

  • N. C. Burger
  • C. Gadeyne
  • B. Van Goethem
  • E. Stock
  • I. Polis


In this case report, a seven-year-old, male, castrated Landseer presented with chronic respiratory distress, occasional coughing, dysphonia and exercise intolerance is described. The stress caused by transportation and the physical examination rendered the dog severely dyspneic and cyanotic. At that moment, the core body temperature was increased up to 42.5 °C. Based on the clinical signs, laryngeal paralysis causing heat stroke was the most likely diagnosis. The dog was anesthetized and intensive temperature control methods, like active cooling and fluid therapy, were applied. As soon as the dog was cardiovascularly stable, emergency treatment for laryngeal paralysis was performed. As a result of timely intervention, the dog recovered completely without any persisting complications.

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Burger, N. & Gadeyne, C. & Van Goethem, B. & Stock, E. & Polis, I., (2018) “A perianesthetic approach of heat stroke in a dog with laryngeal paralysis”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 87(6), 342-346. doi:

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Published on
27 Dec 2018
Peer Reviewed