Case Report

Medial coronoid disease in an eleven-year-old Labrador retriever

  • M. Dallago
  • E. de Bakker
  • E. Coppieters
  • J. Saunders
  • I. Gielen
  • B. Van Ryssen


In this case report, the occurrence of medial coronoid disease (MCD) is described in an elevenyear- old Labrador retriever. A left frontleg lameness had started six months before presentation. Radiographs showed minimal pathology and computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a discrete fissure of the medial coronoid process. Arthroscopy confirmed the presence of a coronoid lesion, visible as chondromalacia. Treatment was performed by arthroscopic removal of the diseased cartilage and subchondral bone. Despite the successful procedure, the dog needed continuous physiotherapy to maintain an acceptable gait. MCD is a developmental disorder mainly affecting young large breed dogs. However, the described dog was already eleven years old. Nevertheless, the duration of lameness was rather short and the imaging and arthroscopic findings could not demonstrate a chronic problem. In the literature, little information is available about the etiology, prevalence and treatment outcome of medial coronoid pathology in old dogs.

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Dallago, M., de Bakker, E., Coppieters, E., Saunders, J., Gielen, I. & Van Ryssen, B., (2015) “Medial coronoid disease in an eleven-year-old Labrador retriever”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 84(5), 257-263. doi:

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Published on
29 Oct 2015
Peer Reviewed