Case Report

Ureteral obstruction in a Ragdoll cat caused by calciumoxalate urolithiasis

  • N. Reinartz
  • H. de Rooster
  • S. Daminet
  • J. H. Saunders
  • V. Bavegems
  • K. Piron
  • D. Paepe


This case report describes a ureteral obstruction in a neutered female Ragdoll cat due to calciumoxalate urolithiasis. The patient was presented with polyuria/polydipsia. Abdominal palpation revealed unilateral renomegaly. Radiography in combination with ultrasonography led to the diagnosis of multiple nefro- and ureteroliths. One calculus caused an obstruction of the distal aspect of the left ureter. Infusion therapy was initiated to decrease the azotemia, to improve the diuresis and to stimulate the passage of the uroliths through the ureters. However, the therapy was not successful, and the obstructing urolith was surgically removed using cystotomy. Quantitative urolith analysis revealed a calciumoxalate composition, and an appropriate diet was initiated. During the following period of approximately one year, the patient had persistent polyuria/polydipsia without azotemia. New non-obstructing calculi in the left ureter were visualized by ultrasonography. Since the patient did not show any clinical signs, the owner decided not to reevaluate the abdomen by medical imaging.

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Reinartz, N. & de Rooster, H. & Daminet, S. & Saunders, J. & Bavegems, V. & Piron, K. & Paepe, D., (2013) “Ureteral obstruction in a Ragdoll cat caused by calciumoxalate urolithiasis”, Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 82(3), 143-150. doi:

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Published on
27 Jun 2013
Peer Reviewed