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The Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift (ISSN 0303-9021) is a scientific journal that is published bimonthly (six issues per year). It presents mainly clinical topics and addresses itself to two very different readerships: the local Dutch speaking veterinarians in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the international veterinary and biomedical research community. Each issue contains scientific papers either in English, or in Dutch with an English abstract. The journal is covered by Current Contents, Web of Science, and other indexing services.

  • Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024

    Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024

Retrospective Study

Ontwikkeling van een nieuwe beslissingsboom voor sepsis bij veulens om antibioticagebruik te rationaliseren

K. Broothaers, D. Castelain and B. Pardon

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 115–122

Comparative Study

Comparative study on the efficacy of ketamine-xylazine-buprenorfine and ketamine-xylazine-nalbufine in rabbits undergoing castration

F. Ur Rehman, Y. Shaher, H. Bin Rashid, A. Qadir, S. Usman, S. Rafi, Z. Ullah, K. Ahmad, A. Hussain, M. Ali Khalique, A. Aziz, M. Awais and M. Asif

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 123–130

Case Report

Development of the first equine blastocyst produced by conventional IVF and in vitro culture in Europe resulting in the birth of a foal

M. Papas, J. Govaere, S. Peere, I. Gerits, E. Van den Branden, A. Frenández-Montoro, T. De Coster, M. Hedia, D. Angel-Velez, A. Van Soom and K. Smits

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 131–135

Histiocytic sarcoma complex in the palpebral conjunctiva of a seven-month-old dog

N. Avci, F. Gumus, B. Boztok Ozgermen and O. Yavuz

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 136–139

For and in practice

Duurzaamheid in de operatiezaal: waar staan Vlaamse dierenartsen in het scheiden van afval en het hergebruik van materiaal?

T. Haverkort, H. Haardt and A. Martens

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 140–150

Continuing education

Septische peritonitis bij hond en kat – Deel 1: Classificatie, klinische presentatie en diagnostiek

D. Castelain, D. Paepe, M. Doom, M. Dekkers and H. de Rooster

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 151–158

From the past

Klassieke varkenspest in België (1921-2015)

Frans Castryck

2024-06-25 Volume 93 • Issue 3 • 2024 • 159–163