Results of a forest species trial in an arboretum of North Greece

  • T. D. Zagas
  • P. P. Ganatsas


This  study deals with the survival, growth and silvicultural characteristics of  some exotic,    Mediterranean and native species planted in the Vassilika Arboretum, North  Greece (South Europe) under Mediterranean climatic conditions. The results obtained 25 years after trial    establishment showed that, from the ten species planted only the native  species Pinus    halepensis, Pinus brutia, Cupressus sempervirens  and to a lesser extent Pinus pinea and one    east Mediterranean but not native in Greece  Cedrus libani, managed to show a good result.  The    fast growing exotic species (Pinus radiata,  Eucalyptus globulus) showed good growth in  the early years, but a low survival rate after 25 years. Species outside of the floristic zone Pinus    nigra and Pinus  sylvestris presented very low growth and finally  died due to harsh climatic    conditions.

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Zagas, T. & Ganatsas, P., (2001) “Results of a forest species trial in an arboretum of North Greece”, Silva Gandavensis 66. doi:

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Published on
03 Oct 2001
Peer Reviewed