Survey on techniques to detect micro-cracks in steel after bending

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In this paper, different methods to detect micro-cracks were compared. Their capability of detecting fatigue induced micro-cracks in metal was evaluated, as well as the possibility to apply them to detect micro-cracks induced by bending in steel plates. All methods found in literature use one of four
different physical phenomena. Out of these methods, the use of magnetic induced Eddy Currents and the use of Digital Image Correlation proved to be most interesting to detect micro-cracks in steel plates after bending. Also an FEA analysis was performed to detect the critical zones in bended specimens


How to Cite: De Smedt, B. , Abdel Wahab, M. , Hojjati, R. & Hertschap, K. (2014) “Survey on techniques to detect micro-cracks in steel after bending”, International Journal of Sustainable Construction and Design. 5(1). doi: