Registration process for real-time evaluation in biomedical application

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The study of knee kinematics is used to analyse joint disorders, design of prosthetic devices, impact of surgical treatments and in general the study of the locomotion. In order to allow researchers to immediately visualise and interpret the influence of certain changes during tests and between different test setups, a testing procedure that allows on-line evaluation of knee kinematics, based on the principles of computer assisted navigation surgery, is established. A major challenge for this evaluation method is to identify the position of the bone relative to the attached markers prior to testing. In order to deal with this challenge a registration process is introduced. The theoretical derivation and optimisation of this registration process is derived and afterwards applied to a practical testing environment.

Keywords: Knee joint, Real-time evaluation, Registration

How to Cite: Vancouillie, T. , Victor, J. , De Baets, P. , Verstraete, M. & Herregodts, S. (2016) “Registration process for real-time evaluation in biomedical application”, International Journal of Sustainable Construction and Design. 7(1). doi: