Machinability of engineering polymers

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Nowadays parts made of up-to-date engineering plastics are used more and more in mechanicalengineering practice. These machine-elements are produced most frequently by injection molding or by onecutting process. The injection molding technology are used generally for great number of pieces, in case ofserial production while cutting processes are preferred to piece (unit) or smaller number production.We used lathe and measured the main- and feeding-directional cutting force at different engineeringpolymers (cast PA6, POM C and UHMW PE, HD 1000). We compared these results with the tensileproperties of the materials. The analysis made can be well used in practice.


How to Cite: Keresztes, R. , Kalácska, G. , Zsidai, L. & Dobrocsi, Z. (2011) “Machinability of engineering polymers”, International Journal of Sustainable Construction and Design. 2(1). doi: