The symmetrical behaviour of carbon nanotubes junctions

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We have been developing a mathematical model to predict the mechanical behaviour of carbonnanotubes under loads having different types of structures. In this paper we would like to introduce thebehaviour of carbon nanotubes junctions under tensile strain. With an example we display that in astructure the junctions are very important intensifier component. We show the difference between thesymmetrical and non-symmetrical junctions. We give an answer, which junctions are symmetrical andwhich ones are not symmetrical. Under tensile strain the “Y” junctions have different behaviour, if they aresymmetric, or not.


How to Cite: Pataki, T. & Szakál, Z. (2011) “The symmetrical behaviour of carbon nanotubes junctions”, International Journal of Sustainable Construction and Design. 2(1). doi: