Material selection for a new type of fire extinguisher

  • L. Lambert
  • W. De Waele
  • G. Van De Vijver


Nowadays safety is a hot topic, damage inflicted to human beings is intolerable. Fire safety is a big concernin industrial areas, but in residential areas a lot less precautions are in place. Therefore a new type of fireextinguisher should be developed that should encourage the installation of fire extinguishers in commercialenvironments and at home. The design of this fire extinguisher has to answer to a lot of demands. From alegal point of view, the extinguisher has to comply with the PED regulations and the EN 3 standard. Extrademands are, given the purpose, superb performance, great ergonomics and an attractive visual design.One of the steps in the design process is to make a material selection based on needed and desiredproperties of materials. Also the possible processes for manufacturing are an important parameter.

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Lambert, L., De Waele, W. & Van De Vijver, G., (2011) “Material selection for a new type of fire extinguisher”, International Journal of Sustainable Construction and Design 2(3), 476-485. doi:

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Published on
05 Nov 2011
Peer Reviewed