TTIP, business as usual? Europees handelsbeleid en zijn democratische legitimiteit

  • Joke Matthieu


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) can be considered a game changer among trade agreements. TTIP not only aims to shape tomorrow’s trade policy, but has also had a huge influence on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. Based on recent literature on democratic legitimacy in the EU, this paper studies how the TTIP negotiations score in terms of input and throughput legitimacy. Our results show that these negotiations have had their fair share of problems, such as the disproportionally large influence of corporations and a lack of transparency and accountability. However, these legitimacy problems occurred mainly in the first months of the negotiation process. Due to large scale protests and critiques from civil society, measures were taken to boost the legitimacy of the process.

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Matthieu, J., (2021) “TTIP, business as usual? Europees handelsbeleid en zijn democratische legitimiteit”, Res Publica 60(2), 29-56.

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Published on
15 Mar 2021
Peer Reviewed