De Europese Unie: een strategische militaire actor? : Tsjaad als testcase

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The EU is increasingly developing a grand strategy for framing its external policies in a coherent way. The European Security and Defence Policy offers the EU access to military instruments, enabling it to conduct civilian and military operations. This article investigates to what extent the EU can be qualified as a strategie actor, i.e. having a clear vision of how to act in the security domain and the will to do so. Furthermore, we evaluate whether past practices are leading to the framing of a EU strategie culture.  As a test case we offer an in-depth analysis of the planning of EUFOR Tchad/ RCA - the most recent and largest autonomous military operation the EU has conducted so far.  This shows the progress the EU has made in developing its external posture, but also makes clear there exists a conceptual gap in terms of military strategy, where operational planning remains plagued by ad-hoccery.


How to Cite: Biscop, S. & Mattelaer, A. (2008) “De Europese Unie: een strategische militaire actor? : Tsjaad als testcase”, Res Publica. 50(2).