Het Belgische telecommunicatiebeleid : een retrospectieve analyse



Por the last decade, Belgian telecommunication policy has been characterised by a defensive, and sometimes even obstructive, attitude towards the liberalisation program of the European Commission. This paper analyses this policy on the basis of official governmental and administrative sources, corporate documents and insights gained through frequent contacts with the government and corporate representatives. The aim of this analysis is twofold. Firstly, this paper explains the Belgian attitude towards telecommunication as the result of a highly politicised corporatist national system of decision making.  Secondly, this paper assesses this policy in terms of its international performance. By means of conclusion, a number of suggestions are made for a more proactive policy.


How to Cite: Verhoest, P. (1998) “Het Belgische telecommunicatiebeleid : een retrospectieve analyse”, Res Publica. 40(1). doi: